What are the different types of Physical Therapies ?

There are many different types of physical therapies.

Orthopedic, geriatric, pediatric, pulmonary and  cardio-vascularintegumentary and neurological.

In Orthopedic physical therapy, ailments of the musculoskeletal region of the body, are treated. These are basically ailments of the bones, muscles, and also of tendons and ligaments, which bind the muscle to the bone. They could be from any type of arthritis, to muscle injuries, as in sport, or strain, tension or rupture of the tendons and ligaments. They are treated  by therapeutic exercise, massage, and also using agents like heat, cold, and electricity.  Massage is used as a passive exercise, where the patient cannot use the full potential of exercise. They mostly come into being after surgery, where a patient is helped to rehabilitate, and get back to their normal life.

Geriatric physical therapy, is a specialty for older people, or seniors. Usually above 60 years of age. It also deals with the musculoskeletal problems, but pertaining to that of old people. The common ailments are  like osteoporosis,  hip and joint replacement, different kinds of cancer, and heart and lung related ailments. The physical therapy consists of exercise, using different therapeutic machines, and also massages, and the use of heat and cold packs. All these being designed to get the patients back to their normal life, as before, as much as possible.

Pediatric physical therapy, is a specialty  for infants. It also deals with the musculoskeletal ailments, but specifically for infants. It has many therapeutic functions, to improve the growing of the young and also reducing the effect of their ailment.

Neurological physical therapy, is for treating nerve related disorders, for all age groups. These include ailments like Parkinson's disease, Cerebral palsy, Alzheimer's disease, and paralysis. The physical therapy involves, treating the nerves and the brain, by exercises and  massages, which would soothe the nerves and invigorate the nerves and muscles, to bring about improvement and rehabilitation.

Pulmonary and Cardio-Vascular Physical Therapy . Cardio-Vascular deals with the heart and the circulation system. Pulmonary deals with the lungs. In this area of physical therapy, treatment in the form of therapeutic exercise is given to rehabilitate patients having heart and lung ailments. Also treatment is given after a surgery, for the patient to fully recuperate, and be rehabilitated. And to try to reach their earlier form, before the ailment, as much as possible. 

Integumentary Physical Therapy: This deals with the skin and tissues. If there are ailments concerning the skin and tissues, like burns, edema  or swelling of the feet due to retention of fluids, then physical therapy is given, to bring about improvement and rehabilitation, of the patient.

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