What are the different Physical Therapy Methods ?

The different Physical Therapy methods are

Manual Physical Therapy: This is basically massage. The Physical Therapist would use their hands and manually massage the patient's affected areas, to soothe, relax and bring about blood circulation, which would help in alleviating the pain or ailment. Massage involves rubbing or pressing the affected area with both palms, of the hands. Massage is an important part of Physical Therapy, and is like a passive exercise, where a patient who is unable to exercise, could have massage administered to them, to help them better control pain, or injury, and in some cases also help in rehabilitating them.

Exercise Physical Therapy:  In Physical Therapy, exercises play a very important role. They basically stimulate, the affected body part, and help to bring it back to normal. Continued exercise, helps to rehabilitate the patient. Exercises involve stretches, bends and lifts. They also involve exercising using a equipment like, a stationary cycle for exercising the legs,  or a treadmill, or  parallel bars for improving the condition of hands, or a stair climber for exercising the muscles and nerves in the knee, calves and foot. Weight lifting and walking are also used in Physical Therapy. In fact walking plays a very important part, for those who are able to ambulate.

Heat and Cold packs Physical Therapy: Heat packs are special packs which give heat, and cold packs are packs with Ice in it.  In this method of Physical Therapy, Heat and Cold packs are administered, to the affected area of the body, to bring about relief. They also increase the blood circulation to the area, and soothes and relaxes it.
This sort of physical therapy is mainly used to treat pain.

Ultrasound Physical Therapy: In this method, a special instrument is used, which gives out high frequency sound waves. The instrument is focused on the problem area, and the high frequency sound waves penetrate that area and soothes it and gives relief. It also induces relaxation.

Hydrotherapy Physical Therapy: In this method,  special kinds of baths are used with hot or cold water. A special kind of bath is a whirlpool bath. The water acts as a massage, and soothes the area or the body, and relaxes it. Also blood circulation to the affected part increases, when this therapy is conducted.

Electrotherapy Physical Therapy: In this method, electricity is administered, using a special instrument. The conduction of electricity through the affected part, brings about soothing and causes increased blood flow to it.

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