What are the Physical Therapy Equipments ?

Electrotherapy - These are instruments, which is used to conduct electricity through the affected area, to soothe, relax and increase the blood circulation to that area.

Ultrasound Therapy - This type of physical therapy is basically an instrument, which emits high frequency sound waves. The Physical Therapist aims the device to the affected areas of the patient, and inundates it with the high frequency sound waves. This brings about soothing, relaxation and increased blood circulation to the affected area.

Heat packs – These are packs, which contain substances, which emit heat. These packs are used on the affected area, to soothe it, and bring increased blood circulation and to relax it.

Cold packs – These are packs, which contain ice. These are used on the affected area, to dull  the pain, and also to alleviate it.

Whirlpool baths - These are for  massaging  using hot or cold water.

Parallel bars - These are used for exercising the hands, in a standing position.

Stair climber - These are used for exercising the muscles and nerves in the knee, calves and foot.

Stand equipment - These are for helping and exercise those, who find it difficult to stand.

Manual massage equipment -  These are like, massage chairs, stools, tables, and accessories, used by a physical therapist to perform manual massage.

Bariatric equipment - These are for those patients who are obese, and includes many types of fitness equipment.

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