What is Physical Therapy ?

It is a mode of treatment of a disease, in the musculoskeletal and neurological part of the body. It is a part of the  medical terminology, and pertains to the method of treating a disease, or ailment, by physical means, such as with exercise and massage, and also using external instruments to facilitate and enhance the physical treatment. 

This compared with medication and surgery, of traditional medicine.

Physiotherapy is another name for Physical therapy.

In this discipline, instruments which emit and tune, light, sound, heat and cold are used, to reinvigorate the nerves, bones, joints, and muscles, of the affected area.

Machines are also used, to exercise, the affected part or the whole body.

Massage is also done, like a passive exercise, either manually, by using hands. Or by using instruments, emitting light, sound, heat or cold. Ultrasound, diathermy, and hydrotherapy, are some of the massages used.

Physical therapy is usually used to treat ailments like, strokes, types of arthritis, types of fractures, and also many nerve related problems.

it is also a popular way to treat pain, and minimize it. It is also used to treat athletic injuries. It is also used for the rehabilitation of injured people.

The basic objective of physical therapy being, to rehabilitate the patient to their previous form, before they became disabled,  as much as possible. Or to rehabilitate the patient as much as possible, so they could lead a normal life.

The people who practice and administer physical therapy are called Physical therapists. They are licensed and go through school and obtain degrees and certifications, to practice this discipline.

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