About The Scoliosis: The Reasons Of Occurrence, Treatment, Early Diagnostics

Author: Maria Stitz

The reasons of occurrence of a scoliosis up to the end are not studied, among the cores - the general weakness and backwardness of the muscular device, which during the most intensive growth (6-8 and 10-12 years) in a combination to provoking influences (incorrectly settled habits, a malposture, insignificant natural heterostoma of legs, basin...) leads to occurrence and progress of a curvature of a backbone.

At significant deformations there is a costal hump, the basin warps, development of internal bodies is at a loss.

Treatment of a scoliosis has difficultly predicted result which efficiency in many respects depends on the patient.

At conservative treatment actions directed on unloading of a backbone and correction of a curvature (a sparing mode of day, orthopedic stacking), development of muscles of a back and a trunk (special resolve physiotherapy exercises), bracing and toning up procedures (electrostimulation backs muscles, physiotherapy, massage), as a rule, are spent.

Operative treatment is appointed at a significant and quickly progressing scoliosis and consists in installation of a various sort mechanical devices, correcting curvature of a backbone.

As a rule, completely to correct a curvature at children's age probably only at scoliosis of 1-2 degrees, when there is no expressed irreversible variations in a backbone. At scoliosis of 3-4 degrees it is possible to achieve only a stop of progressing of illness.

In process of achievement of the termination of growth of an organism (16-18 years) progress of a scoliosis stops. It is considered, that after 20 years to straighten a backbone it is impossible. The further treatment carries bracing and supporting character (physiotherapy exercises, a proper mode of day, physiotherapy and massage).

Despite of the favorable general forecast (development actually a scoliosis after 20 years, as a rule, stops), the remote prospects at significant scoliosis of 3-4 degrees threaten with development of osteochondrosis, infringement of functions of breath and other internal bodies.

As to define presence of a scoliosis.

Ask the child to rise to you a back and to relax (let it will accept habitual for it a pose of a bearing). First of all you should pay attention to following basic attributes of a scoliosis:

- One shoulder hardly above another
- One of shield bone has gone forward (sticks out a corner of shield bone)
- Various distance from the hand pressed to a side up to a waist
- At a slope curvature of a backbone forward is appreciable

If have found out even one of these attributes - next day take the child for a hand and go with it to the regional orthopedist or to the surgeon.

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