Rotor Cuff Pain Exercises That Heal You Fast

Author: Richard Carver

Are you suffering from pain in your rotator cuff that seems to be getting worse? If this pain is persistent in your shoulder you need to take it earnestly. The four small tendons of the rotator cuff muscles all join together and form one superior tendon which is of course is called the rotator cuff tendon, the rotator cuff tendons are very prone to injury and this is when you get your rotor cuff pain. If this is not taken care of properly you could finish up needing physical therapy sessions or even surgery. Here are some tips on how to avoid it getting that far and to help relieve your rotor cuff pain quickly and naturally.

Tips on Rotor Cuff Pain Exercises
Rotator cuff muscles will react the most desirably to working with light weights with more repetitions, between 15-25 repetitions will suffice. The exercise must be completed in a very measured and controlled way to escape annoying your injury. Consistency is what is needed for this. Perform your exercise routine 2-3 times per week, this will give you plenty of rest in between your routines.

Rotator cuff Pain Management
To help lower cuff pain and inflamation you may like to apply an ice pack this will lower the swelling and in doing so decrease the throbbing. Rotator cuff pain can increase when sleeping this can be due to the movement but at the same time it can in addition be due to your lack of shoulder movement causing the muscle to freeze up, you may want to apply an ice pack to lower the cuff swelling earlier than you head to bed. Pain relief medication such as painkillers, anti-inflammatories will of course help to control the pain also.

Rotator Cuff Physiotherapy
If your rotor cuff pain has got quite relentless, it is perhaps time to get on a high-quality physiotherapy series you can do in your own home. Be wise in your choosing and do not only take a hit and miss group of exercises you read online. Rotor cuff pain exercises must be done in a very precise and particular way. You should only follow a strict method that has been made by a physiotherapist that specializes in this type of shoulder injuries. Happily there are several accessible you can choose from.

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