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What is Physical Therapy ?
It is a mode of treatment of a disease, in the musculoskeletal and neurological part of the body. It is a part of the  medical terminology, and pertains to the method of treating a disease, or ailment, by physical means, such as with exercise and massage, and also using external instruments to facilitate and enhance  more

What are the different types of Physical therapies, in use today ?

There are many different types of physical therapies.

Orthopedic, geriatric, pediatric, pulmonary and  cardio-vascularintegumentary and neurological.

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What is the history of Physical Therapy, from ancient to modern ?

In ancient Greece, around 460 B.C, Hippocrates, was supposed to have first practiced Physical Therapy. Hippocrates is also known as the father of modern medicine. He used to prescribe massage as a means to alleviate pain and to treat many ailments, that the Greek people  more
What are the Physical Therapy Equipments, that a physical therapist uses?

Electrotherapy - These are instruments, which is used to conduct electricity through the affected area, to soothe, relax and increase the blood circulation to that area.

Ultrasound Therapy - This type of physical therapy is basically an instrument, which emits high frequency sound waves. The Physical Therapist aims the device to the affected  
What are the different Physical Therapy methods, used  by physical therapists?

The different Physical Therapy methods are

Manual Physical Therapy: This is basically massage. The Physical Therapist would use their hands and manually massage the patient's affected areas, to soothe, relax and bring about blood circulation, which would help in alleviating the pain or ailment. Massage involves rubbing or pressing the affected area with both palms, of the hands.

Links to Important Physical Therapy sites:

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